Class Descriptions

We offer 3 levels of classes. If you are unsure what class would best fit your needs, please contact us.

All Levels: Foundational yoga postures and alignment principles are introduced with progressive instructions. Students with more experience will refine their postures for added depth.

Intermediate: All categories of postures are covered and classes will include inversions (Sirsasana and Sarvangasana), deeper backbends and an introduction to Pranayama (regulation of the breath).

Gentle Yoga: This less strenuous, more supported class is ideal for beginners and students with mobility issues or injuries. Props are used extensively to provide accessibility and safety.

Private Instruction: You may schedule an individual private lesson if you are looking for help in mastering a particular type of pose, if you need more attention after returning to practice from a long break or if you are recovering from a significant health issue. Students brand new to yoga may also choose to have private lessons to familiarize themselves with yoga basics and learn modifications that will prepare them to join a group class. Private small group sessions are also available. Please email us at