We offer a small selection of props for sale to support your home practice. Check out our offerings below and stop in before or after classes to purchase. Prices listed below include tax.

Sticky Mats

An essential yoga prop, sticky mats provide a stable non-slip surface for your home or studio practice.

  • Regular length, 68 inch: $30
  • Extra Long, 74 inch: $35

Yoga Straps

Straps have a variety of uses from providing support to increasing flexibility.

  • 10 foot, assorted colors: $12
  • 6 foot, Pune style (not pictured): $10

Yoga Blocks

Foam blocks are lightweight, sturdy and durable and help with balance and support.

  • Regular size, assorted colors: $15
  • Big Blue foam blocks: $22

Wooden blocks are even sturdier than foam and provide firmer support. Plus, these local, handmade blocks are hollow so they are still lightweight. (Not pictured)

  • Hollow Wood blocks: $25

Mexican Blankets

The most versatile yoga prop, these blankets provide assistance in shoulderstand, sitting poses, restorative poses and relaxation.

  • Assorted colors: $30


Bolsters are a wonderful addition to any restorative practice and great for chest support in pranayama. (Not pictured)

  • Assorted colors: $60

Gift Cards

The gift of yoga is always in style! Available in any amount.


There are many great books, DVDs and other items to increase your knowledge and benefit your practice. All the items included here are recommended by our teachers.

Books written by B.K.S. Iyengar or his family:

Other books based on the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar: