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Allyson & Bill Klunder

“Before yoga I was at the bottom of a dark, dry hole, physically, mentally, and spiritually. My yoga practice is lifting me up from the dark into the light where I belong.” Allyson Klunder

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Bill & Allyson Klunder

“Yoga at The Yoga Studio for me is fun, challenging and full of health benefits. Physically, at times my knees were so sore, I could not walk up the stairs and now I can. One time my back was so

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Wally Hook

“I like to think of yoga as a ‘game-changer.’ As in the game of life. All areas within my life benefit from the practice of yoga. Try it!” Wally Hook Owner, Wally Hook & Co.

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Shellie Adamy

“Yoga brings balance to my body and mind through a flexible strength, a grounded exuberance, and a serene alertness.” Shellie Adamy

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Lisann Gurney

“Yoga practice allows me to live better, not just physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. The focus on breathing and proper alignment leads to calm and healing, and the gentle reminders to be in the present and enjoy the journey

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David Kohan

“I’ve been a student at The Yoga Studio for nearly five years. I find Iyengar yoga to be a great complement and countermeasure to the “Western” activities—exercise and sports—I’ve spent most of my life doing. I appreciate its emphasis on

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Susan Walborn

“Gentle Yoga with Kat McKinney has been invaluable for both my physical and mental well being.  I’ve suffered with hip and back pain since childhood due to a rotated hip.  Visits to doctors, specialists, chiropractors, and  physical therapy only offered

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Liz K.

“I really enjoy doing yoga at The Yoga Studio because it both challenges and supports me, which really suits me.  It also helps me work on building strength and maintaining flexibility, not to mention managing stress!” Liz K.

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Community Spotlight: The Yoga Studio

Featured in Natural Awakenings, February 2015 Though new owner Kat McKinney’s journey to yoga might seem like an accident by happenstance, it is clear that she has found a passion that keeps her going. Read the entire article (PDF).

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