Our Teachers

Our experienced teachers study in the Iyengar, Ashtanga and Deskichar systems of  yoga and provide a supportive environment for our students. We are committed to continuing personal study and lifelong practice.

Iyengar-CertifiedDenise Baker is a Level 2 Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and the owner of The Yoga Studio. She became a student of yoga in 2007 as a path for emotional healing.  Personal growth from her own practice inspired her to teach yoga to others.  Her teaching balances the structure and focus on alignment of Iyengar yoga with playfulness in practicing asanas with innovation.  Denise continues her studies regularly with Senior Certified Iyengar teachers. She is also an attorney with the law firm of Muller, Baatenburg & Wilson Law Group, P.C.

Lauralee Rea began her yoga journey in 2002 with an instructor who studied in the Iyengar tradition. At that time she was working and studying nutritional health, organic farming and sustainability. What began as a complimentary practice to a holistic lifestyle became an integral part of her life. Dedicated to studying in the Iyengar tradition, Lauralee is pursuing teacher certification in this style of yoga. Lauralee also has a master’s degree in social work and practices full time as a family therapist.

Iyengar-CertifiedSarah Weber is a Level 1 Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. She believes in the transformative power of the classical 8-limbed path of yoga. Having explored other methods of yoga, Sarah has found the Iyengar method to be the most nourishing. The breadth and depth of BKS Iyengar’s innovative teachings continue to surprise, challenge, and delight her.
Sarah seeks to create a safe and inviting space for students to explore their potential and connect with an inner sense of wholeness. She is grateful to a whole lineage of Iyengar teachers for providing a solid framework within which to assist others in deepening their own relationship to themselves. She continues to learn and grow through her personal practice and deep study with senior teachers, including Mary Reilly and Laurie Blakeney. Sarah is also a licensed physical therapist.


Chris Smith began her study of hatha yoga in 1972, and has studied with a variety of teachers since then. She regularly studies with Mary Reilly, Certified Senior Iyengar teacher. Her teaching emphasizes structural alignment to increase the natural energy flow throughout the body, and includes movement, classical postures, breathing and relaxation to provide a balanced yoga experience.

Anil Kumar Sharma was born in Kangra Himachal Pradesh in Northern India. In the past, he suffered from digestive and neuromuscular problems and overall weakness. These health issues directed him to the path of yoga in search for healing. He now studies intense Iyengar yoga with his trusted Guruji in Mumbai and is working towards certification in Iyengar Yoga. As he overcame his own health issues, he became motivated to share yoga and its benefits with others.
He completed his Masters degree in Physical Education from Mumbai University. Before becoming a professional yoga instructor, he was a Physical Education teacher for children in Mumbai which gave him great satisfaction and pleasure. Now he specializes in Hatha Yoga with a strong focus on alignment whilst using props. He is also certified in Ashtanga yoga. His philosophy is to take time for learning, and to teach with great awareness of the body and soul.

Holli Sinn is a E-RYT with over 1000 hours of training in hatha yoga and yoga therapy. Her teachers’ lineage connect back to Deskichar, which has a gentle yet strong approach to asana. For the past 6 years Holli has run a yoga school in Hobart, Australia but is happy to call Grand Rapids her home now. She’s excited to connect with a yoga community and provide yoga classes steeped in tradition, alignment and intention. A definition of health that resonates with her most comes from an Ayurveda Text: “a healthy person is one whose elements are balanced […] and one whom is established in oneself.” This kind of health is what a yoga practice promises. May we all become more established in our bodies, our lives and our truth!